Selling Your Home Help - Checklist

Determine your selling expenses

  1. List the repairs and projects you will have to do to get your home ready to sell.
  2. Expect to pay about 7 to 9% of the home’s sale price in closing costs


Factor in other costs

  1. Mortgage payoff penalties
  2. Staging expenses – i.e. new paint, new carpet, light fixtures, etc.
  3. Moving expenseshouse for sale sign
  4. Costs related to getting a loan for your new home (these will be part of your closing costs)

Determine your home’s fair market value and with the help of your Realtor, set a price

  1. Your agent will research comparables – homes in your area with similar square footage, constructions, and that have sold within the last few months, and those that are currently on the market  
  2. Find out about new construction and foreclosures/short sales in your area
  3. Your Realtor will help you determine the average cost per square foot for your area – make sure that your home is priced in line with this.
  4. Evaluate current market trends  
  • Is it a buyers or sellers market?Level of competition among buyers in your area
  • Current interest rates and the lending climate
  • Average number of days homes are sitting on the market

Stage your home and prepare it to go on the market

  1.     Have a yard sale.  Sell, donate or get rid of everything you don’t need
  2.     Make needed repairs
  3.     Make improvements to increase your home’s appeal
  4.     New paint (interior rooms should be painted in neutral colors)
  5.     Clear away clutter.  Pack up many things – you are moving anyway – so you might as well pack away now.
  6.     Clean entryway, porch, sidewalks, etc.
  7.     Professional-looking landscaping
  8.     Replace outdated lighting fixtures and window treatments

Keep your home show ready at all times.  This is hard to do, especially with children, but it is worth it - knowing your house is looking its best for potential buyers. 

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