Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you get your home sold quicker and to make the most amount of money in the sale.

house for sale sign1. Pricing your home too high
Your home is worth only what an able buyer is willing to pay for it. What you think it is worth or what you need to receive for your house has nothing to do with the value. Pedersen Real Estate will thoroughly research the recent comparable sales. We also look at the current inventory of houses (your competition). Both of these things are considered when determining a range of value for your home and even when a range is determined, it is just an educated guess.

2. Not Thoroughly Cleaning
One of the easiest and most important things a homeowner can do is to clean. Nothing turns a buyer off more than walking into a dirty house. A buyer assumes that a dirty house is one that has not been maintained. It will hurt you in terms of getting the house sold and the sale price. Buyers love sparkling clean homes.

3. Not Dealing with the Smells in Your Home
Homes that have a smell whether it be from smoking, pets, cooking or whatever are hard to sell. Make sure your home smells clean, fresh and normal.  On the other hand,  a house that smells of chemicals covering up smells turns buyers away.

4. No Staging
Almost every seller needs to de-clutter and de-personalize their home. Pedersen Real Estate  provides all of our sellers free staging recommendations for getting their property ready to sell – to help it appeal to buyers and to help buyers be able to picture themselves moving into the home.

5. Not improving curb appeal
Don’t just focus on the inside of your home. Spruce up the yard and the front door/porch. Often buyers who are unimpressed with the outside of a home upon driving up to the home to see it will tell their agent that they do not wish to see the inside of the house and to keep on driving. Some houses don’t even get a chance to be seen on the inside because the poor curb appeal.

6. Home is difficult to show
It is important to make your home available for showings. Agents who find it difficult to make an appointment to show a house will move on to the next houses to set up appointments. Do everything you can to accommodate showing requests.

7. Hiring an Inexperienced Agent
Whether you hire a good and experienced agent or a mediocre or new agent, they cost about the same. So hire the best real estate agents - Pedersen Real Estate.

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